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About us

Bilal Group is headquartered in the Netherlands. The company’s years of experience enable it to serve the food requirements of customers throughout Europe.

It’s no coincidence that our name is heard in the same breath as terms like ‘trustworthiness’ and ‘quality’; it’s simply a logical consequence of the regard we have for our customers and the importance we attach to our work.

With our brand Bilal Chicken and our wide range of poultry products, the Bilal Group has a leading position in the European market.

In order to be able to fulfil the constantly-changing requirements of our customers, we place great importance on innovation and we are constantly developing new products. Under our brand name Bilal Snacks we bring a wide range of snack products to your table, and our frozen pizzas are sold under our brand name Bilal Pizza.



All products and production processes are inspected by the Halal authority and each product has its own Halal certificate. As well as the highest level of HACCP “The Food Safety Quality Certificate”, we are also awarded with the world’s highest hygiene certificate BRC.

Thanks to our tracking system, called ‘Traceability’, the products are tracked from processing through to the packaging process and even the final destination, without interruption to the cold chain. This enables our customers to check on product specifications or product analyses at any time.

Bilal Group operates to the highest quality standards and we work together with laboratories that carry out periodic checks in order to permanently guarantee our food safety.


As Bilal Group, we monitor our operations at the highest quality and we are working with laboratories periodically so that food safety is permanently guaranteed.

Years of experience and confidence
is the guarantee of good products for your meals …